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Cleaning your dryer vent should happen every one to two years depending on the use of the dryer.  Some insurance companies even require dryer vent cleaning as a maintenance task to prevent fires.  Dryers are much safer than there were in the past with this.  The dryers of today have many switches and relays that shut down the dryer should, the vent gets clogged or blocked.  However, this is a very easy thing to have done and it should be maintained by a professional in order to prevent expensive appliance repairs.

Dryer vent cleaning Houston TX can help maintain affordable utilities as well.  Dryer vents that are full of lint will force the dryer to work harder.  This could wear the dryer out faster as well as start a fire.  Cleaning a dryer vent on your own can be a horribly messy job that will release dust into the air that will land all over your home.  However, we have a safe and clean method of dryer vent cleaning Houston for your vent hose as well as the outside housing and all around the dryer itself.  Dryer lint is very light and fluffing and releasing all the fuzz into the air will certainly be a mess.  Let us save you from the mess and clean your dryer vent for you.

Signs of a clogged dryer vent

Some signs of a clogged dryer vent are:

  • Dryer feels hot to touch
  • Dryer sounds as if it is working harder than before
  • Clothes come out hot or even have melted vinyl on them
  • Clothes are still damp, even on the “normal” cycle you have always used
  • Your dryer vent has NEVER been cleaned
  • Excessive amounts of lint collect in the lint trap

If you feel that your dryer vent is in need of some TLC, give us a call.  We work with homeowners as well as commercial laundromats to ensure your dryer’s venting system is in tip-top shape.

Why do you need to Clean Dryer Vents?

Drying clothing results in hot air flowing through the clothing and lifting the moisture out by evaporation.   This evaporated water and hot air needs to be released somehow, which is by the way of the dryer vent.  During this process not only the water evaporates but so does the dust and lint from the clothing and is released into the exhaust air.  Through this process, there is a lot of warm/hot air that is full of moisture.  And, well, warm air and moisture can often times lead to mold.  If your dryer vent has mold in it, it will need to be replaced.  

If you have a dryer that isn’t against the outside wall of your home, you will have a long and sometimes more obstructed pathway for the exhaust to be released.  This design isn’t ideal, but as our laundry rooms go further and further into the home, this is seen more often these days.  And, that tube will most likely have more of a lint collection than that of a shorter tube.  This style or design should be cared for more frequently than that of a dryer that is directly vented on an exterior wall.


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