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Carpet cleaning services Houston will make your carpets and upholstery look and smell like new again.  Our revolutionary process will work to get out even the toughest stains.  If you have spots or stains on your carpet or upholstery, they can really make your entire home feel dirty.  Let our expert team take a look and give it our best to get those stains out.  Should you happen to know what those stains or spots are, let us know.  This, at times, helps us to treat the stain with the appropriate cleaner and makes it a bit easier.  However, should you not know what those stains are, we can help.  Our carpet cleaning specialists work with all different types of carpets and rug materials and are happy to assist you with your needs as well.

Carpets and furniture get full of dust, dust mites and allergens.  These particles go deep into the carpet and furniture where the average homeowner’s vacuum cleaner cannot reach.  Our carpet cleaning services will reach to get that deeply ground in dirt and get your carpets looking they’re very best. Give us a call!

Professional Houston Carpet Cleaning

Despite our best efforts in maintaining clean carpets, the fact of the matter is, they are walked on.   Even if you don’t wear shoes in your home or don’t have any pets, they still seem to get dirty over time.  Sure, you vacuum every day but your carpets still seem to have that haze over them.  This haze is the ground in particles that get to the very core of the fibers.  And, that’s why you need a professional carpet cleaner to come out and help you get them clean at the very core. 

Our services will help your overall home be cleaner as well.  Think about it, every time you step on your carpet the allergens are disrupted and some are released into the air.  These allergens circulate and become dust on your furniture or furnace filter.  Getting this under control will mean less dust throughout the entire home. 

Carpet Cleaning Houston TX

Do you have pets?  Pets bring in all kinds of things on their paws.  They use the litterbox and walk around the carpet, putting deposits of pet urine into the carpet.  Pet hair and dander further dirty the carpets.  However, a professional cleaning will remove all of this.  Our professional carpet cleaning services Houston is just what you need.

Pet stains are also a real problem for many households.  Having a puppy and house training can be brutal on the carpet.  But, once we have completed our carpet cleaning Houston TX services you will no longer smell those nasty pet odors. 

Do you have pet odors that you just cannot get rid of?  Older pets can really take a toll on carpets as well as furniture.  We work with clients to not only have clean carpets but furniture as well.  Professional upholstery cleaning Houston can remove all pet odor and leave your furniture smell great again. 

Upholstery Cleaning Houston

Kids are another factor that are brutal on furniture and carpets.  Despite your best efforts of policing the little ones, they have eaten many things on the furniture and dropped all kinds of food on the flooring.  Over time this dropped food is often missed and stepped on, further grinding it into the carpet.  Some of this food can leave stains from the dyes in the food as well as the oils.  We will work with you to get those stains out the best we can.  Give us a Call.

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