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Have you ever taken a good look at what is lurking in your air ducts?  This is an area of our home that we don’t always tend to properly.  However, if we did, our homes would be far less dusty and have lower allergen issues.  These areas of the home are typically filled with dust, even in the cleanest of homes.  This is because these air ducts are what all the air in your home circulates through carrying all kinds of things that are floating in the air.  Sometimes these particles can create static in the ducts that will further increase the clinging power of those side walls.  And, what do you get?  Well, you get a very dirty heating and cooling system.

Sure, some of it gets filtered out with your furnace or air conditioner filter, but lots of it clings to the side walls of the air ducts.  And, if these air ducts are dirty, they start to easily build up faster.

Non-Stop Air Duct Cleaning

That’s why Non-stop Air Duct Cleaning offers an amazing service that will clean out those air ducts with ease.  Our revolutionary techniques will get them shining up and looking great as well as functioning better.  When your air ducts are full of grime and dirt it takes more power for your furnace to move the air as well.  The passages become smaller and the air is harder to move.  Making dirty air ducts harder on your furnace.  This can wear a furnace out of overtime and is so easily prevented.  Give us a call.  We are here to answer all of your questions and give you honest answers.

Sometimes the air ducts get so bad that with moisture comes mold.  In this case, it is important that we replace the air ducts to keep the home clean and safe to live in.  We offer air duct replacement Houston that can do this in a safe manner.

Many times you can smell this issue and just cannot find the source of the musty smell.  Since, our air ducts are tucked away in the walls, floors, and ceilings and we don’t “see” them.  And, they are often forgotten.  These areas are many times filled with warm air.  Add a little moisture to that air via an unsealed joint and you have a mold problem.  Getting a duct replacement Houston service will take care of that particular section to ensure that it is as good as new.

Air Duct Replacement in Houston

We will go about finding these sections with a tiny camera that is mounted on the end of a cable.  This cable is similar to that of a drain snake used by plumbers.  It will show us what the condition of your air ducts are and if there are any air duct replacement Houston services needed.  This will also show us how your system is functioning as well.  For example, if there is a large build up in a certain area, this could be an area that should be reworked for better air flow.

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